Senin, 27 Desember 2010

how to clean the wound right

Here's how to clean the wound right:

1. Clean the wound with liquid NS (normal saline) can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy. Or if NS does not exist, the wound is cleaned with clean water only. DO NOT clean the wound with alcohol, because it will burn the tissue surrounding the wound .. and can leave scars.

2. Give an antiseptic such as betadin, only with a dab on cuts alone. Do not close the wound with cotton or gauze that was given / dyed betadin because the wound will be moist and a growth medium for bacteria.
3.And then, closed wounds that had dioles betadin with dry sterile gauze (can be purchased at pharmacies) to protect the wound from dust and dirt. DO NOT close the wound with cotton because the cotton fibers would stick to the wound and slow healing of wounds.

4. Clean the wound every day and change the bandage every day.